Morphix Design | CombiCarrier II combination scoop stretcher and backboard,
Combination scoop stretcher backboard
CombiCarrier, CombiCarrier II, Split Litter, Scoop Stretcher, patient handling device, spineboard
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Combination Scoop Stretcher & Backboard


The award winning CombiCarrier is the first patient handling device that combines all the best features of the traditional rigid spine board and the scoop stretcher in one versatile device. The two halves connect and scissor together under a patient to eliminate the potentially injurious process of lifting or “log rolling”. The key feature, a pivoting side mounted latch, allows the head to be positioned and fully supported by a robust structure that also serves as a wedge for extrication purposes. The CombiCarrier has become the patient handling device of choice for paramedics internationally.


Medical Design Excellence Award, IDSA IDEA Silver, ID Magazine Annual