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Biolase tablet based all tissue dental laser
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All Tissue Dental Laser for Biolase

Waterlase Express

Waterlase Express is the first portable All-Tissue Dental Laser designed for entry-level and experienced dentists to use in minimally invasive treatment of teeth, bone, soft tissues, periodontal pockets, root canals, work around the implants. The system has variety of built-in educational tools that are accessible through a removable Tablet. The powerful and portable Waterlase Express is designed to overcome 3 major barriers to adoption of laser technology for dentistry by demonstrating the benefit to patients, ease of use and value to practice:
1. Laser applications in dentistry. Use of lasers is not taught in dental schools and most companies provide brief and inconsistent educational courses. Use of a removable tablet on Waterlase Express ensures permanent connection with Biolase support team, peer Waterlase users and clinical educators on a global basis. Tablet also provides permanent visibility of the system status, remote diagnostics and assists in technical support.
2. Ease of use. The tablet is a powerful teaching and operational platform that provides a streamlined procedure-oriented User Interface with step-by-step protocols or alternative options to perform laser treatments. All procedures are animated with anatomically correct visual settings and real-time laser interaction with oral tissues. Multi-language explanatory text-guides and icons for procedure-specific essential application techniques are integrated in each animation.
3. Integration into the ergonomics and workflow of the dental office. Waterlase Express is portable, can be operated on a height adjustable cart with accessory drawers or standard counter top, with about 5 feet reach of the contra-angle handpiece and easy carrying between offices. System also is designed to be integrated with an air compressor and a battery, which will allow zero turn-on time and full day autonomous operation.